Dages Juvelier Keates is the founder of Delicious Dialogues and loves to help folks feel and look their very best. She offers private health counseling and hands-on cooking workshops in New York City as well as weekend retreats upstate with The Garden. Dages is also the in house nutrition expert for LivLuna, a social media site for women, and a consultant for JenEd Productions.

Dages believes in an approach to health that reproaches no one and empowers anyone. A dancer since the age of four, she has developed sneaky ways to keep her body and mind balanced. In the role of a counselor and educator, Dages strives to encourage open-mindedness, exploration and precocious dabbling in all sorts of nourishing ways without dishing dogmatic lifestyle advice. She believes that it is possible to deeply enjoy eating, our bodies and each other without willpower, self-punishment or deprivation.

A graduate of Bard College and the advanced training program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she has led seminars and groups at venues such as NYU, Bard College, Audible.com and Linden Advisors and taught on retreats from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Central America and the Middle East. 

Click here to watch her make her favorite raw kale salad!

Katrine van WykKatrine van Wyk came to New York as a model from Norway six years ago. She left the industry soon after to complete her studies. A personal journey in challenging the conventional wisdom about dieting and nutrition led her to becoming a holistic health coach. Katrine, in rejecting one single dietary solution, uses practical coaching methods to discover what works best for her client’s health and lifestyle. She uses a holistic approach to wellness and nutrition that is more rewarding and way more fun. Working with Katrine you’ll discover what healthy means for you – absolutely no deprivation, starvation or guilt.

Katrine is a graduate from Oslo University and the New School and is currently enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She will begin counseling for Delicious Dialogues in September, 2011.

Website: katrinevanwyk.com
Blog: healthyjourney.tumblr.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/katrinevanwyk


"Through Dages' six month program I learned to know myself better and discovered different sides of myself.  She helped me peel away the layers and get to the core of my issues, both nutritionally and emotionally. Dages' food advice is easy to implement into my daily life and made a huge difference to my energy levels, digestion and over all well being. And her recipes are delicious! Signing up for Dages' program is the best thing I've ever done for myself.  In fact, she inspired me to go back to school and learn more about nutrition and become a health coach too!" - Katrine J., Health Coach, NYC


"Talking to Dages feels like talking to a confidant and guiding angel.  She always seemed to view all of my "obstacles" - as I judged them - or confusion or frustrations as opportunities for learning about myself, about food and health.  Indeed, they transformed into these opportunities with her resourceful and insightful observations and recommendations.  Dages gave me the support I needed to transform myself at a critical time in my life. Eating and cooking are once again an enjoyable adventure!" - Heather N., Teacher, NYC


"I have had the pleasure to work with Dages Juvelier Keates of Delicious Dialogues for the past 15 months. I came to Dages after living with a lifetime of obesity (I am 37 years old) and having frighteningly zero knowldege on how to nourish and nurture my body back to health and how to continue living healthier, happier and more satisfied in my body. I was desperate for knowledge, information, support, and guidance in my journey back to a healthy body. I was also scared. As all new and unknown journeys come with trepidation and a latent hope, which is waiting to flourish. Dages, has been the most unconditional north star of mine in this journey. She helped and guided me into nourishing and nurturing my body and all the related emotions which each of us have regarding beauty, health and our physicality. Dages is always available, kind, loving, positive, encouraging and bubbling with enthusiam and knowledge. None of my queries were ever left unaddressed. She gently helped me to navigate the complex world of organic foods, vegetables, fruits, herbs and other body cleansing/healing ways. The constant non-judgmental support and honest encouragement and love kept me strong in my pursuit of a healthiear body and life. She has helped me to shape my body from the inside out! And in the process of doing so, Dages helped me to change my life. Dages has a wealth of information on how we can live better, happier and healthier lives. She is also very excited to share all of it unconditionally. I will be more than happy to discuss any hesitations or questions that you may have regarding the services provided by Delicious Dialogues. I can be reached at here." - Mariam F, Real Estate, NYC


"The work I did with Dages over a six month period truly was life changing. Being taught a new relationship to food not only changed my eating patterns, but also improved my overall mood and energy levels. I've been taking care of myself for years--weight training, cardio fitness, outdoor exercise and yoga. Getting serious about understanding my mind and body's relationship to food is something I wish I did years ago. Never to late to start, and Dages proved to be an incredibly supportive guide and coach." -John N, Designer, NYC


"As a dancer I have struggled with my body image since I first put on a leotard, consequently my relationship with food has suffered. Dages' "what is right for you" approach led to the healing of many old wounds, and an understanding and sympathy of those that may remain open. She recommends healthy habits on the grounds of nourishment and self-love rather than deprivation, denial, and self-doubt.  Dages also works in such a way where no hunger is ignored and she provides an extra ear to listen to each hunger be it spiritual, emotional, or physical and helps find ways to satisfy them." - Grace C, Dancer in NYC 


"I contacted Dages shortly before turning 50. I had just left my job with the goal of creating a place for myself where I would be free of physical and emotional pain. Eating better was going to be only a small part of starting to take better care of myself. Working with Dages took me into directions I had never expected to go in. She generously shared her vast resources and knowledge of tools that exist to help you find balance--both physically and emotionally. What I found most helpful was that she herself had tried and tested each approach and was able to speak from personal experience." - Jael V, Appraisal in NYC


"Working with Dages has impacted my life and the life of my family on the most essential and profound levels.  She has helped guide us into the beauty of balance!  Not only has my relationship with food changed into a healthy and positive one but the revelation of recognizing the role of Primary Foods and honoring their importance has changed my life forever." -  Esther H., Mom in NC


"Working with Dages was both an incredibly healing and enjoyable experience. Besides learning a lot of practical and beneficial information, more importantly, Dages helped me gain deep insights into my relationships with food and my body. This has given me a greater awareness and made me feel more in control of the choices I make and the path I am on." - Stacie K., Writer in NYC


"Doing the program with Dages changed my life more dramatically than I could have ever imagined. I was a fairly conscious and healthy woman going into the program, but was searching for a deeper understanding of my body and the way foods affected my overall quality of life. Dages helped me to clearly identify my goals relating to nutrition as well as in life in general, and then offered endless insight, motivation and  support in working towards those goals. Her understanding of integrative health is profound and  continues to grow along with her dedication to continued education. Dages is blessed with an innate ability to create safe space, free of judgment, for true healing, understanding and growth.  She is a rare example of what health care practitioners should be: knowledgeable, intuitive, humble and kind. I would highly recommend her program, and will continue to seek her professional services for years to come." - Megan S., Dancer and Pilates Instructor in NYC


"So many of us want to know how to eat better and there are hundreds of books to tell us how. Yet bringing healthy eating past the mind and into the gut frequently remains illusive and getting honest about food can sometimes feel embarrassing and uncomfortable. Through gentle suggestions, humor and grace Dages helped me make healthy choices for my body and mind, not only desirable, but implementable." - Jen H.,  City Planning in NYC


"From the first time I met Dages, she was open, warm, and collaborative. She worked to figure out what foods and methods were the most applicable to my life, and went out of her way to accommodate my needs. As a result, healthier ways of eating and understanding food have been integrated into my life, creating sustainable change that is very rewarding." - Sussanah H., Therapist in Brooklyn


"I really had a great time working with you!  It was very interesting and enjoyable at the same time.  I've incorporated several things into my practice and can already tell it's going to be great.  It's exciting to have so many possibilities opening up to me.  How lovely that there are people in the world like yourself who can help others try to make the most of life. " - Anitra P. Queens, NY